Deborah Harkness update on Book III, the film adaptation of ‘A Discovery of Witches’ and summer plans

Today Deborah Harkness took to Facebook to provide fans with an update about Book III, the film adaptation of “A Discovery of Witches,” her scholastic pursuits and summer plans.

“Today’s A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES/SHADOW OF NIGHT treat: Your summer update from me.

It’s been a long time since I did an update for you, and since I’m going to be on and off the internet for the next few months, I wanted to take this chance…to tell you where we are in the world of the All Souls Trilogy.

1. Book 3: I am writing it as fast as my book angel will fly. There is no cause for concern, alarm, or a glum belief that it will be a decade before you see the next book. I’m not a machine, and my books are not written by a team of writers following a computer-generated outline. As a result, there will be a gap between books. How long a gap? Well, I don’t know. Books are strange, mysterious creatures with lives of their own. Writers are strange, mysterious creatures who also have lives, so we need to sleep, eat, take breaks, fuel our imaginations, and take care of our families and other jobs if we have them (which I do). For those of you who have forgotten, book 2 (SHADOW OF NIGHT) came out in the US/UK on July 7 2012. It hasn’t even been a year. SHADOW hasn’t even been released in some countries yet. The US paperback of SHADOW hasn’t been released yet–so there are thousands upon thousands of US readers who only buy books in paperback and don’t have e-readers who have yet to read the book. These details may not matter to you, but they matter a lot to me, and I ask you to have a little bit of empathy for all the readers still waiting to find out what happens to Diana and Matthew in 1590. I know you want answers/titles/release dates but I don’t have them. I’m writing. That’s all I can do. When I have something to tell you, trust me I will tell you. Trust me also when I say the only person who wants this information (and book 3) more than you is ME.

2. The Movie: the movie continues to percolate along. We are still in development. There is no casting information. A director has not been selected. I have no say in either department. When I have news, I will tell you–believe me.

3. My life as a professor: I’m turning in my book orders for the fall and getting ready to meet my 150+ new students in August. I’ve been out of the classroom for a year, and I miss it, so I’ll be thrilled to get back, stand up at the lectern, and start telling stories about Europe between 1400 and 1800. In this case, however, all the stories will be as true as I can make them. :)

4. Coming to a city or telephone near you: I’m not touring for the paperback, because I am writing and getting ready for the fall semester. In the fall, I will be making one or two appearances. Details will follow soon. I will also be talking to my editor on the telephone about the All Souls Trilogy–and you can listen in from your telephone! This giant conference call event is on June 4, and you can submit questions and even order signed/personalized books. Details about this event are in my post from yesterday so scroll down and look for it if you’re interested, and I’ll repost the information in a few weeks. So that’s all I have at the moment. If anything breaks–the title of book 3, the release date, news about the movie–I will tell you here and on twitter. Otherwise, I may not be posting every Friday during the summer as I focus on writing and teaching, and there may be very long delays responding to your questions and comments.

Thanks as ever for your patience and understanding. Have a wonderful summer!”

How excited are you?? I know I am!

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